Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return from the Zone of Non Presence

I have been swamped lately, and not with work which has been wonderfully part time. We had a lot of family stuff going on involving hospitals and a few other other huge life events.

I couldn't access the Internet at all for most of the time because we had, as the guy who just left my house termed, "intermittent connectivity" -- I love that phrase. I'm sure the cable guy didn't realize I was thinking that's pretty much a perfect phrase for describing how it is to raise teenagers.

I secretly like being unable to use the computer because it forces my kids to spend more time with me. I also got a lot of writing done because I can still access my WIPs without the Internet. I suffer from Internet-induced ADD: Wow! I can find out exactly how falcons communicate! Is THAT what Emily Dickinson's room looked like? Maybe I can figure out how to clean the bathtub without using get the idea.

Anyway,since I'm back now, I would like to first thank Bish for awarding me this very cool award:

It's probably too late to play along, but I appreciate it!

In other news, my kids found out about the cat colony that lives in and around the Atlantic City Boardwalk. We already have four animals, so I explained to them how, as much as we wanted to help, we are already so busy and the vet bills, how I still owe money for Mazy's Lyme disease and they really understood. So here is Coco, relaxing in our living room. (Her sister is under the sofa)

They are incredibly cute, but one of our older cats, Cara, has now taken up residence in a basket used to hold school papers. Good thing the school year is over.

I am really scared that I am going to be one of those old women living in a house impacted with books and cats. I am so headed in that direction. Here is another one of Coco. She has a weird eyelid (it's flipped out) and may eventually have to get her eye removed. We knew that before we adopted her. Anyone remember Poe's story, The Black Cat?

I just heard Christopher say to his father (who has a tendency to undercook meat), "Hey Dad, do you think my appendix still works?" Think it's time to see what's going on.


Glynis said...

LOL I remember my days when the children lived at home, your life sounds as mine did then.
I am going to marry off 2 this year, so will fly to the UK x2,I will not touch the computer,it will be a good break. It will be the first thing I do when I get back,I just know it. :)
Intermittent connectivity/teenagers it!!

Mary Witzl said...

I already AM that old woman -- a middle-aged version. Only my family keep me from turning into the full-fledged version.

We have the same internet issues. Here in Scotland, we've got a wireless connection that is iffy and costly. Now I can no longer indulge in Wikipedia historical research...and finding out where to buy a bat house and how to set it up. Tragic.

Bish Denham said...

I'm not that big a cat person, but I appreciate they have a home. And you're welcome for the "award." It's never too late.

Anne Spollen said...

Glynis, I actually missed reading people's blogs -- and I'm not really much of a computer person. Blog friends are so wonderful -- they never ask you to watch their kids or bake, you know? Marrying two off...I'll bet that's bittersweet.

Mary, when did you get to Scotland? I thought you were in Turkey! How long was I gone? Or how fast do you move?

I do really love cats, Bish. My husband is a dog person, but the kittens are really winning him over. Dogs are just so much like having another kid around though.

Ok, I'll play. Next blog. : )

Colorado Writer said...

Time away from the computer is nice. I wish someone would take away my connection, but then I'd freak out because I'd need my "fix."

adrienne said...

Cute kitties! I have a school paper basket just like yours (I need to clean out). My dog tries to chew on the corner of it.

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet - intermittent connectivity sounds like it could be pretty convenient.

Anne Spollen said...

The computer is addicting sometimes, especially when I have to clean the bathrooms...

Does your basket do the trick, Adrienne? I have that basket, but you could find school papers all over my house, in the laundry room, anywhere. Baskets make me FEEL organized, but I don't know that they really help.