Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Centers of Their Own Orbits

I have always had the secret belief that teenagers are very similar to babies in their self-centered behavior, only teenagers have a more highly developed sense of self. But I wasn't thinking about this the other day when a friend of ours called to invite us to a church play she was directing.

Now, you can imagine how, right after Easter, my kids reacted to the idea of additional and non-required church attendance.

But my middle guy, Philip, had an idea. He would go if I would consider the idea of allowing him to get a lip ring. Everyone, he assured me, had or was scheduled to get a lip ring. "Just think about it, Mom," he implored, "just think about it. That's all." He went on to tell me all the bodily regions where his friends had piercings, and how one boy, now a kind of quirky high school hero, had just had his tongue split.

We watched the play, and during a symbolic crucifixion scene,Philip leaned forward in his seat. An epiphany? The dull glaze had left his eyes, and he seemed interested, yes interested, in the play. For a wild moment, I imagined an older Philip on the altar delivering his homily.

I touched his arm and smiled.

"Mom," he said softly, "this whole thing is like a body piercing story..."

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