Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter!

Mom's version of rebirth and renewal ~

Teenage version ~
Holidays always seem to sneak up on me.  I think it's my resistance to the stores' insistence on mingling bunnies and marshmallow peeps alongside the Valentines cards. My brain screams, That's not real! Not yet!

It's kind of how I trick myself by setting the kitchen clock ahead ten minutes so I'm not late in the morning, then I pour another cup of coffee thinking I have way more time than I do.

Easter is late this year, and that's my favorite way to celebrate it. When it comes in the dull middle of March, it seems so...well, like it's in the dull middle of something.

Right now, here, the buds are coming out on the trees and we're leaving the heat off during the day. I've even got the kids outside helping to clean up the yard and doing the garden thing.
We're clearly not a yard-obsessed family (seeing as we found a rubber tire in the brush-clogged part of our yard we just started cleaning out), but there is something about working together to clear out brush and branches that makes you think about concepts like renewal. I've always thought we should make resolutions at Easter instead of New Year's when there is still so much chocolate left over.

So, in keeping with the spirit of rebirth, my Easter resolution is to streamline my life. In May, I am going to be working only three days a week so I can write more. It's official. I realized that as much as I like teaching, I like writing more. And the half day I have to write is constantly being consumed with orthodontia appointments or laundry or visits to the vet. I keep writing in small slivers and when that happens, not a whole lot gets completed.

I can't wait.

And I can't be the only one who thinks this way. Have you made any spring resolutions?


Bish Denham said...

I agree, I think spring is a much better time to make resolutions. That said...I haven't made any as I'm in the hammock procrastinating! :)

Anne Spollen said...

That's a great place to be on a spring day, Bish!

Coincidentally, part of the reason we are clearing out the brush is to string a hammock between two trees in the yard. Kind of a lazy ambition, but hey.

storyqueen said...

Oh, I am envious. I used to teach 4 days and had one to write, but alas, I was asked to take on another day, so for the past few years I have worked full time. I long for those 4 day teaching weeks, though.


emmalulu25 said...
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