Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Illustrated Halloween

Hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as we did - Here's A Werewolf Costumed As Teen with Vampire Mom:

Philip as a changeling - from boy to werewolf -

A Glittery Devil:

Werewolf, Glittery Devil and Kitty:

Trend Alert - New YA Motif - Changeling Skateboarding Werewolves -- Hey, it could catch on -- think how silly vegan vampires sounded on the drawing board...

And all is well as BabyCat is still living in her basket and watching it all -


K.C. Shaw said...

Awesome pictures! I think BabyCat has the best costume, though. She looks just like a cat. :)

I like the skateboarding changeling werewolf. It's the next vampire!

Jemi Fraser said...

Great photos :)

adrienne said...

A boy werewolf and his vampire mom - just like the Munsters!
Great pics.

Katie said...

Anne! I totally thought you were a kid!!!!!!!! Such great pics!!!

Anne Spollen said...

Thanks, guys. Baby Cat was popping her head up like a periscope - the werewolf mask completely terrified her.

Ah yes, Katie. That makes up for the "Botox Birthday" Party invitation I got last week.

Anonymous said...
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