Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Marcia Hoehne for nominating me as a kreativ blogger -- I am to name seven things I love, then pass it on to seven people. I think I will have to search for seven folks to pass it on to, (I checked a few blogs, and most of the blogs I read already have been nominatated), so I may do that little by little. Here are seven things I love:

1. If you talk to me for more than fifteen seconds, what I love more than anything in the world are my kids. I was the one who said I was going back to work after the baby was born, checked daycare centers, and put in for just a six week leave from my teaching job. My first born in now working on getting his driving permit, and I am still home every day when he comes home from school. I can't imagine ever being without them for more than a few hours.

2. I think secondly, I would have to say I love writing. Because as much as I love my kids and my husband, when they drive me nuts, and they do (my boys decided last night that studying for midterms was a huge waste of their free time) I escape everything by writing. I almost go into a trance when I write, crazy as that might sound, but everything else in life drops away when I am working on a scene in a story. It's almost like a drug for me.

3. Of course, with writing goes books. I am happiest at the library or in a bookstore. I don't get that same sense of being in another place when I read as often as I do when I write, but it's similar. I have so many boxes of books in my basement I wonder if it's normal. Then that passes, and I order more books...

4. I really like to cook. I like the whole aspect of it: shopping for the ingredients, preparing it, serving it. I especially like to cook and feed my kids. I even like growing the food in the summer.

5. Speaking of cooking, I have to say the all time most perfect food on the earth is chocolate. I sometimes teach and tutor Spanish, and I have to thank those Aztecs for coming up with the refinement of the cocoa bean. There is chocolate stashed all over my house, and my daughter said to her brother the other day when he discovered a Cadbury bar, "Don't eat that; it's Mom's stress chocolate."

6. I really like having friends. Right now, it's so hard for me to maintain friendships. I work four days a week, and my husband works on weekends so unless folks want three kids (and by kids, I mean one flexible child and two frequently surly teenagers) tagging along to social events, it's difficult for me to do anything socially.
For some weird reason, the majority of my friends are childless so it's not like they want to go to a water park or do anything that would encompass kids. So I really value the little time I get to spend with friends.

7. I would have to say music here -- I don't watch too many movies and I can't stand tv, but I do have music all over the house. And I have to mention animals -- I can't imagine a house without music, books, animals and kids (or mess, laundry, and dishes either), so I am going to cheat a little bit here and include music and animals in the same number because I have to mention them both. I don't think there are actual rules to these things, and so far I haven't met any blog police, so I think it's okay to do a combo for my last pick.

Now the trick is to find seven folks who haven't been tagged -- (and why do I keep thinking of dwarves?)


Katie said...

congrats! And we are kindred souls. Especially the writing trance, the chocolate (I went to Oaxaca with a chocolate chef one time to study cooking moles etc..) speaking spanish and the ever present music in my house :-)

Mary Witzl said...

Kids, reading and writing are my top three too, and chocolate and music are definitely in the running.

Our first born has yet to get her driving permit, but she swears this will happen this summer. How do you cope?

Anne Spollen said...

The writing trance thing is weird -- I think that's why I wrote just poems when the kids were little - I really space out.

I would love to go to Mexico, but my husband is convinced we will all come down with a bacterial infection they won't be able to name in the U.S.

Oh, and Mary I'm thinking of becoming a lush to cope. If I didn't throw up every time I drank, it might work. He goes BOWLING on the weekend and they are driven by one of the parents, and I'm looking out the window from 9 pm on until he comes home. I can't imagine how this will play out.

Nora MacFarlane said...

"I can't imagine a house without music, books, animals and kids (or mess, laundry, and dishes either)"

I completely understand! I'm not much of a TV watcher either, and I'm married to a musician. Never a dull moment. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Carrie Harris said...

How nice it is to find a kindred soul. (Or two... I'll have to visit Katie's blog too.)

I adore my kids, but sometimes I think that if I didn't have writing, I would go insane.