Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, here we are, a little late for cards, but we all managed to get in the same spot in the house at the same time. Philip told me, "Mom, please don't show that picture to anyone. We all look like we just got out of the institute." I'm not sure which institute in particular he's referring to, but I don't entirely disagree with him. In case you're wondering, Philip is the one clutching at his collar in a mute gesture of escape. His brother almost managed to hide, but the camera still caught a glimpse of his face. Emma is, like always, happy because she's not a teenager yet.

Anyway, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from our little corner of the world. Hope it's a great one!


krycul said...

Haha the teenager comment is funny because it rings with truth.

I was looking through the shelves in the "teen" section of my nearest Books'a Million and the name of your book caught my eye, and then the cover caught my soul. I couldn't tear my eyes away. It was the last copy and I knew I had to have it. So I hid it under the shelves and hoped that they didn't clean under there. The didn't. I was absolutely enthralled by "The Shape of Water." You're style is so unique and colorful. It was like I could taste, feel, touch, see, and smell what Magda was feeling. Thank you for the experience.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm impressed that your kids allowed you to take their photograph and post it. No way you'd catch mine doing that, even if I could get them to pose and not pull obnoxious faces.

What a great comment you got about your book. 'The Shape of Water' is a great title and it sounds like a fine book. I've got a list two miles long now, but yours is on it. If I ever spot it in a shop, I'll distribute a couple of copies around the shop in strategic places at eye level.

Happy New Year!

Anne Spollen said...

Wow Krycul -- Can you review my next book? Thanks so much, and I'm glad you liked the book. Love the line, "...and then the cover caught my soul." I didn't have anything to do with the cover, but I thought it was perfect for the story when it was chosen.

And Mary -- I was holding a pizza hostage to get the boys to stand still for a minute. Seriously. And my oldest had just come back from the school's Christmas concert and he was famished.

And after I hire krycul as my reviewer, I should hire you as my publicist!