Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Stuff

This is just a collection of entirely random stuff since I have a low fever today and I am stuck in the house and really tired. I am almost never sick; I think it's been two years since I even had a cold.

I figured I would put our dog, Mazy Blue, on the blog because she has nothing to do with this blog and that's kind of the point of randomness.

First random thought: I like pie. I mean, I really like pie. I think when I am in the home, wild with dementia and not wanting to go to the doctor, the attendants will tell me, "But Anne, anyone who gets their check up gets a slice of pecan pie."
I'll knock the attendants over to get on board that cardio van.

I feel really bad that I have gotten so many emails from people who practice cutting. I did blog about it twice, but I don't know that much about it. In fact, I had never heard of it until right before I blogged about it. I know I emailed some of you and said I had no plans about writing a YA about cutting when you asked. I think I might write my next YA with a character who cuts, but it wouldn't "be about cutting" the way some other books are. This is only in the planning stages, sort of being thought about. So maybe yes to that question.

I listened to an interview with the Pregnant Man who weirds me out beyond belief. Am I the only one who thinks of Horton Hatches the Egg when s/he talks? Or have I read one too many children's books?

Right now, I am reading Feed by M.T. Anderson -- it's amazingly good. Not an easy read for teens, but he reminds me of what Ray Bradbury was to the 60's.

I can't stand Tyra Banks. I hardly ever watch tv, but this morning my eyes hurt too much to read, so I put the tv on. Does anyone like her as much as she likes herself?

My daughter tried to create a curved ruler last night to measure round things.

I have 37 papers to grade by Monday and I haven't started Christmas shopping.

There is probably something very wrong with the lives of people who send me holiday cards that arrive the day after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of holiday cards, do any of their kids ever mess up? Why don't those letters ever say, "Little Mikey got suspended for smoking in the bathroom, and it wasn't a cigarette..." Is it me or are those letters one long brag?

I can't decide whether I like or don't like blogging. Sometimes it reminds me of decorating my locker in the eighth grade so kids who were "like me" would talk to me, and the ones who weren't would stay away. Is there any actual point to blogging?
I guess it's a good way to waste time like I am doing now.

I've sneezed six times while writing this.

I think I'm going to lie down now. I'll come back tomorrow to see if this made any sense. And my dog keeps looking at the computer. I don't think she recognizes herself; I think she's hoping it's a machine, like the micro, that will produce food at some point.


Colorado Writer said...

I hate Tyra, also. Random posting is more fun than normal posting. Feel better, friend.

H.K.L. said...

Did you start writing the book about cutting? Are you going to have updates on it?


Kim Kasch said...

I love randomness.

I love dogs and ice cream - not pie, much.

I love blogging. Guess it's because I spent the last 24'ish years on my kids' lives. Blogging is about me - well and them too. I'm a Mom, what can I say?...

TerriRainer said...

Hope you feel well, I'm up late with a sick 8 year old as I type (she's the fifth one in the house to get sick in the last two weeks). brain so works like your post. It's all over the place and so often random things just pop outta my mouth.

Good luck with that cutting character. My best friend's daughter cut for years, so I know how she as a parent felt, and I had so many talks with her daughter about it....I was kind of like that neutral party.

:) Terri

Marcia said...

I hope your fever's gone -- though I seldom consider it a disadvantage to be "stuck in the house." :)

I love your random post. And the honesty about blogging. Although I just read elsewhere this morning that "in these hard times" keeping ourselves "out there" is all the more important. So that's what we are doing when we blog -- the writing-related stuff that isn't as much fun as writing. So maybe blogging is one of the better of such things, since it actually does involve writing? OK, this is not MY random blog post, so enough . . . :)

Carrie Harris said...

I hope you're feeling better. Had a friend who was a cutter, and that's tres scary. And this is about as random as your post, isn't it?

Tabitha said...

I can't stand Tyra either. And I hope you're feeling better now.

On a completely random note, congrats on being a finalist for the Cybils!! :)

Anne Spollen said...

Yes, CW, random posting is fun.

No, Heather, I have only one page of the book, and it's not "about cutting" -- the girl in it cuts, but she does a lot of other stuff. I have another book to finish before I start that one, so it will be a while. But thanks for asking!

Kim, I love dogs and ice cream, also. I always have both in the house.

I know, Terri. My boys have friends who cut (sexist pig that I am, I thought it was more a "girl" thing). I don't talk to the kids about it b/c they keep telling me they got scratched or had "an allergy to wool." Uh huh.

Thanks, Marcia. I don't mind being stuck in the house if the weather is bad or my car is not working, but stuck when you have no energy is the pits. You just keep looking at all the stuff around you that needs to get done and you're just like blehhhh.

Naw, Carrie, that was connected in a certain way. I sort of get it (maybe a bad sign, huh?)

And thanks, Tabitha. I confess to never having heard of a Cybils Award before. I'm guessing they are sort of like a people's choice award for books.