Sunday, June 6, 2010

Prom Personalities

We survived the prom, and I purposely chose the collective pronoun because not having gone to my own prom, I had no idea how many details went into those few hours of fun. I began having wedding preparation flashbacks.
But  here he is, minutes before the limo arrived. Doesn't he look de-lighted at his mom taking his picture?

He's slightly happier here. At least he looked up from his texting (if you look closely, you can see his phone in his hand) at his little sister who was taking his picture.

Much happier here - picture taking is almost over at this point and very, very soon, he will make his escape.

After they left, Emma informed me that she wanted a pink limo and went into incredible detail about her future dress, hairstyle and shoes. Oh, the shoes -- orchids (real ones) appliqued on satin.

Philip, on the other hand, began looking at the credit card receipts. He informed me that for less than the cost of the prom, he could go to a water park, order pepperoni pizza every night for ten nights, get a bunch of songs on I Tunes and buy some new sneakers. "It's like you have to spend time with the people from school and pay for it."

I told him that even though the prom was being held in a hotel near Atlantic City, the teachers from school were chaperoning.

"There are teachers there? What? Chaperoning? Are you kidding me? Why would anyone ever spend all that money to go be with them. I just want the cash instead of the prom. The teachers probably don't even pay to go."

To say Philip and Christopher are different kids is to say there is water in the ocean. But the first prom is over.

What I didn't tell Philip is that Christopher is going to hers on Saturday. Yup, two proms in eight days. It's like arranging one last, giant play date.


Marcia said...

Had you gone to your own prom, you'd still be boggled by today's prom prep. For most teens, the prom is more to-do, and more expensive, than their grandmas' weddings, I'd wager. It's the whole princess phenom, IMO. I adore Philip's comments. And yours about the last, giant play date.

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! Glad we don't have proms here - way too much prep for me! :)

I hope the prom goers had fun - great photos!

Anne Spollen said...

I was thinking about that, Marcia - how celebrations used to be so much simpler, more at home. And yes, I think I spent more on that one prom than either of my grandmothers did on their weddings. I also wonder if I didn't have more rules to follow: this kind of limo, that kind of tie on the tux, the vest has to match the dress...

And yes, Philip is either that much younger than Christopher or that much more practical. I'll know in a couple of years.

I didn't know they didn't have proms in Canada, Jemi! You mean I could have moved a little north to avoid all this? But then I'd have to figure out what Boxing Day is -

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

OMG, best quote ever: "It's like you have to spend time with the people from school and pay for it." Your son sounds amazing. I adore him already. But you survived the Prom! that's wonderful. and what a handsome couple, too. Good on you, Mama for making it through!

Mary Witzl said...

Philip and I see eye to eye on proms.

I didn't go to my high school prom, not because I wouldn't have liked to, but because as a nerd, I was sadly not invited. But your son has nailed it: you have to spend a ton of money to be with people you don't much like. It's all a load of hype and baloney. But if I were 17 and somebody asked me, I would almost certainly say yes -- just for the experience...

K.C. Shaw said...

Now that's a handsome couple! I love his date's dress.

I didn't go to my prom either. I don't even think our school had one. Things sure have changed, mostly just to become more expensive, alas.

I'd rather have the pizzas, myself. :)

Glynis said...

We never had proms in the UK. Then about 10 years ago they appeared. D1 and D2 attended, and our son was so thrilled he had missed the chance.
The cost was crazy, so I was pleased we only did 2.

Handsome couple, thanks for sharing pics.

Anne Spollen said...

That IS a good quote, Carolina. Philip has a more "difficult" relationship with school authorities than Christopher ever did (Christopher is going to be a criminal law major) And Philip considers free time free of all school related things.

I think, Mary, going to a prom depends on exactly what you are sayiing - where you are at the moment and your personality. And Christopher had a group of friends going, so that made it more fun. I just wish he weren't going to two...

See, K.C., Philip's idea of a much better time is to kayak around New Jersey's lakes, order a pizza and get a really engrossing supernatural movie to end the day.
He does all these things with friends.

I remember our school had a prom, but I remember it in the way I remember our school had a football team - sort of vaguely and not sure of who or what was involved.

Yes, Glynis, the cost is nuts. It's the teen version of taking the kids to DisneyWorld. They don't seem to have proms in Canada either -- though the idea seems to be going more global.

Cleverly Inked said...

Where does the time go when your a mom

Shannon said...

For my prom this year I reused my Homecoming dress from 9th grade (I didn't know that you were supposed to wear short dresses to Homecoming so I showed up in a floor length gown). All I can say is I hope that his date was a "modern" girl, as in, "Here, let's split everything for Prom. I'll get tickets, you get dinner" sort of person. Some people at my school still insist on the asinine way by having the guy pay for everything, which makes me go - O_o. Anyways, I hope he had fun. For me Prom was slightly mundane but they had a free photo booth so my friends and I got to clog up the lines making weird faces, much to the general annoyance of everyone else. :D