Friday, May 14, 2010

Breathless and A New Interview

I have been swamped these last two weeks or so, more swamped than I ever want to be again.


We had some family illness, a good friend in a car accident, the end of the college semester with term papers and final exams, college entrance forms, prom preparations and a few other incredibly time-consuming situations that all added up to some of these behaviors:

1. Buying underwear at WalMart on my way home from the college so I could put off laundry one more day to grade papers.

2. Not one, not two, but three family sized packages of Lean Pockets and two giant bags of pre made salad as dinner two nights in a row.

3. I can now name all the items on the McDonald's value menu.

4. Ditto Walmart and sock buying.

5. Only using the computer to post grades and/or correspond with students.

I've been remiss in keeping a blog and in visiting other ones, but I'm back now, and hopefully with the end of the college semester, I will be stalking all my favorite blogs again.

Foreword magazine, which did a really nice review of Light Beneath Ferns, just posted this interview.

I've subscribed to them, and not just because they wrote a nice review of my book; they do a great job of reviewing a lot of independently published books.

I'll be back sooner than last time. Hope you enjoy the interview!


Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! You're a busy lady! My week has been nutty as well - and the next 2 are going to be crazy. *sigh*

Hope the weekend brings you some relaxation! Enjoy :)

Glynis said...

Welcome back. Life can be so overwhelming. My emotions are on a roller coaster at the moment. 3 extremely sick friends under 55yrs old. A sick father in the UK.
I get up every day and thank the stars I am healthy.

I love the buying of new underwear to put off the laundry. :)
So glad you got Flux back out of the drawer and found a publisher for it. It just proves that determination and confidence in our work, might pay off eventually.

Take care and remember to breath!

Anne Spollen said...

I don't want to be this busy again, Jemi. I really did feel like I couldn't breathe, and everywhere I looked, things were piling up. It's much better now, with grades going in on Monday and a long break at the college. Now I just have my other job and Christopher's graduation, prom, and leaving for a summer program at his college -- that all seems so tame now.

Sorry about your friend, Glynis, and your dad. You are lucky you are healthy - I need to think like that more -
Well, I think we all needed new underthings anyway...
And you do have to be determined. I'm not really confident; I'm always surprised when someone says they like what I've written. But I guess going back to revise work is a kind of confidence in your ability to make it all work.

Yes, breathing now, thanks!

Marcia said...

Welcome back, Anne. Don't you HATE times like that? It's crazy when everything happens at once. Hope your friend is okay and your family is well again. When my kids were young, I actually read this parenting tip: Own as many pairs of underwear and socks as you can afford and store for each family member so you don't have to do laundry so often. See, you were just following that. :)

Christy Raedeke said...

What an amazing interview. I love the idea of a young mother hanging out in the graveyard to keep her kids safe!

Anne Spollen said...

That's right, Marcia -- a tried and true parenting tip. They seem to be the first to run out -- and pretty essential. And yes, when everything happens at once, the stress levels redline. It's all over now, though, at least for now.

Thanks, Christy! To think I never met any other young mothers there in the cemetery -those nuts were in the playgrounds.

Anonymous said...

That sounds too busy. I hate going through times like this. All I want to do is catch up on sleep, and real food.

Mary Witzl said...

Here's to easy food and brand new underwear! (You know all about turning it inside-out, right?)

One week here, we had kebabs three days in a row. Not the worst way in the world to save time!

Anne Spollen said...

Yup, Medeia - food preceded with the "Mc" suffix gets really old really fast. And microwave pocket food is pretty terrible as well. Things are so much better now.

In college, at an orientation, my roommate for the weekend told me she regularly "inverted and powdered" her underwear to cut down on wash. I was horror-stricken and avoided her for the rest of the orientation. Oh, how we change, Mary, how we change...