Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy

has been kind enough to mention me for the Happy Award. This seems like a great thing to do right now considering they are predicting record level cold tonight and into the weekend. I can tell you that a forecast like that does NOT make me happy so this is a wonderful distraction right now. Here's the countdown for the happiometer:

1. Writing - which surprised me when I thought of this since I would have guessed my kids as first. But writing has been with me longer than they have, and it will be with me when I am just someone to visit at Christmas, so that had to come first. I actually get into bad moods when I don't write for a couple of days, and the kids will say to me, "Sheeesh, why don't you go on the computer for a little while and stop being such a psycho mom." I hate when they say that because they are so right.

2. My kids - even though they make me grit my teeth at least once a day, nothing and no one makes me happier than they do. I have always liked being around them and I think I always will.

3. Chocolate - my personal Xanax and a gift from the Aztec gods.

4. Animals - I'll just say it's a very good thing that we all like rescued, highly eccentric animals around here because we have a half dozen (and Emma is lobbying that we have room for one more kitten...)

5. Junk shops - for some reason I haven't fully figured out, I like to prowl junk shops and look at old dishes and furniture. My kids are suspicious of any item that comes home and ask me, "Are those new red glasses in the cabinet glasses from the dead?" I am sensitive to this and usually respond, "Better than being from the undead." I've gotten lots of great picture frames, flowerpots and Halloween costumes from these stores.

6. The Beach - We went to Bermuda for our honeymoon because I couldn't imagine not connecting the happiness of getting married to the beach. I spent most of my time snorkeling and finding out about coral reefs. Luckily, now we live near Long Beach Island which has a great ocean beach. I never feel as at home anywhere as I do at the beach.

7. Reading - kind of an anti-social habit, but with blogs and all, you can share more now than ever. I have to stop rereading books and move on to newer books.
(But seriously, Twilight as opposed to Jane Eyre?)

8. Libraries - Word nerd that I am, I love everything about libraries. It's kind of a combination of junk shop for books and a social area. They're always having sales with titles like "3 books for a dollar" and they host all sorts of talks and films. Plus, they have all the new books, and they are like room service - you just check off what you want to read or watch, and they will get it from another library. They are amazing places.

9. Friends - being around friends is good for the soul. I almost never have time to socialize, but in the small amount that I do socialize, it is always really fun.

10. Cooking/Gardening/Recipes - not the Tuesday night turkey burgers and broccoli, but growing the herbs, making a soup, reading old cookbooks (which I bought at the library sale or the junk shop) that kind of cooking. When I can't sleep, for some bizarre-o reason, I read old cookbooks, the kind that don't mention microwaves or husbands in the kitchen.

And that's about it. Right now, I am going to go get a whole bunch of stuff to cook the cold away. And I'm going to get some writing done. That should make me happy.

Happiometer? Did I say that?

Whoops - forgot to pass this award on. I will pass it on to Jemi and Elizabeth ,Lisa and K.C. if they would like to play along.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Everything you said makes me happy too. Except for your kids. If I knew them I'm sure they would make me happy though.

Congrats, fun reading about what floats your boat.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats! Love your list & I agree with you on everything except maybe the beach. I get sunstroke sooo easily, it kind of takes the fun out of it.

Anne Spollen said...

Elizabeth, just substitute your own kids - hopefully, they make you happy. I like reading other people's lists, too. Blogs are a little voyeuristic that way.

Jemi, I have skin the color of paper so I know what you mean. I just use sunblock and keep my fingers crossed. Sunstroke would definitely take the fun out of it, big time.
But yeah, the chocolate and all the rest -

Bish Denham said...

Thanks for coming out to play Anne. And (except for the kids cause I don't have any) those things that make you happy, make me happy as well. I too enjoy perusing cookbooks and junk stores.

Anne Spollen said...

I know, Bish. Junk shops and cookbooks - it's how I waste time, but I justify it because I don't really watch tv.

Mary Witzl said...

Everything you've listed here makes me happy too. The only things I could add here would be spicy food, coffee, and traveling.

My kids going shopping in junk shops now, though they're reluctant to admit it. Slowly but surely -- it will happen.

Jemi Fraser said...

Thanks for passing along the award - it's such a great pic isn't it!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh, did I miss my name here? Thanks Sweetie!

K.C. Shaw said...

Those are happy happinesses! I love reading old cookbooks too--and they usually have the best recipes (or just the weirdest). Thanks for passing the award along to me! You've made me happy. :)

Mary Witzl said...

Eek, I've just revisited my comment here and: 1)had forgotten I'd written it and 2)have just spotted a typo in it: I left out the word 'like'.


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