Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day!

Mothers' Day is fast approaching, and like most holidays, this one is high on the hokey list. A few people sent me email quizzes this morning. You could find out what kind of TV mom you are, what kind of animal mom you are, even what kind of flower mom you are.

I had to work most of today, so I never took the quizzes. That probably says more about what kind of mom I am than the quizzes. Anyway, I never found a quiz that really echoed my particular mom experience, questions like this:

1. You are at a T ball game when a strange man arrives who does not seem to have a child involved in the game. You:

a) assume he has an introverted child somewhere on the field and ignore him
b) keep a careful eye on him while still watching your child run to first base
c) openly record the pedophile with your Camcorder until he flees

Three extra points if you can guess what I did in that situation. I still have the tape.

My boys sort of groaned when I reminded them it was Mothers' Day this Sunday. It was a soft, quiet groan, and I knew what it meant: she's going to ask us to do something.

I am. I am going to ask them to write something. That's all I told them. They looked at each other for a long moment.

"Write what?" Philip asked. "Don't make us write a poem or anything like that."

"There's an idea," I said.

Christopher shot his brother a scalding glance.

"It's sort of a poem. I want just a few short sentences about what you like about being in this family."

Loud groan.

"Can't we write about something else?" Christopher asked.

"Nope. I have to cook on Mothers' Day, which is illegal by the way, so you guys have to do this. Emma can't wait."

"Uh," Christopher reminded me, "she's a girl. They like this stuff."

"Lucky for her, isn't it?"

There were Napoleon Dynamite type sighs, snorty grunts, then they found a bag of corn chips and all was well.

It's probably the last year I can get away with this, but that's what I want. I know they are buying me a pair of earrings because they do every year. I love the earrings. But I really want those sentences more. I promised not to let anyone else read them, but I can't wait.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


Christy Raedeke said...

Oh how I would love to read those sentences! Great idea. Looking forward to when my boy can write anything more than the letters in his name, which he does in the wrong order.

For Mothers Day the only thing I want is to stay in my pajamas and read in bed all day. I will consider it a success if my legs are completely atrophied by Monday.

Happy Mothers Day x3 to you!

Bish Denham said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Someday in the future you may be able to like totally embarrass your boys with those sentences.

(Wow! the word verification was bished)

Mary Witzl said...

Good for you, pointing out that it is illegal for mothers to cook on Mother's Day. A lot of people don't know about this arcane law and I've been forced to correct their ignorance time after time. I'm just glad someone else has heard of this!

Hope you get some nice earrings. I'm hoping for a foot massage and a neck rub.

Mary Witzl said...

And post the sentences when you get them!

Anne Spollen said...

Hah, Christy, hope you get your wish and your muscles turn to mush for the day.

My boys used to make cards that said, Mom, I Love You and Me So Much -- funny stuff like that. I really miss those cards. I'm thinking Christopher is probably NOT going to do it, and Philip got mad at me this morning and asked if he could write TWO cards -- one that detailed how annoying I am. I said sure -- he won't b/c it's additional writing.

So you heard of that law too, Mary?
There are several of them that only a few folks know about, but that is one of them. It's probably a good thing I don't mind cooking, but I really wish someone else would clean the bathrooms this weekend...

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day!!!

Bish, my presence near their friends embarrasses them already. They say stuff like, "Mom, you can be there, but don't tell anyone your opinion on anything. Not even if they ask."

adrienne said...

Great idea - I might have to steal it! We actually played If You Were a Vegetable What Would You Be? on the ride home from the mall...
Also pretty revealing. Sigh.