Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Award Time to Close Out Spring Break

First I want to thank Nora MacFarlane for nominating me for this blog award! I am to think of ten unsuspecting bloggers who have great attitude/gratitude and nominate them. Of course, Nora beat me to a bunch of them I would have nominated, but for now, as long as no one calls the blogger cops, I'll just name the first few that come to my head.

Sarah Frances Hardy and Katie Anderson (that counts as two)


Christy Raedeke


Marcia Hoehne

Terri Rainer

Ok, that's more than half. Two more days of spring break and I'll be back.


Christy Raedeke said...

Holy crap! How exciting! As if I'm not flattered enough that you sometimes stop by my blog! Now I can't seem to turn off the exclamation point! Thanks!

Anne Spollen said...

Flattered? LOL. My kids look at me when I say someone said something funny on my blog and they're like, "Who would ever read what you write on that?"

Hardygirl said...

OH MY!! You have just made my day . . . week. . . year. This means so much coming from such a talented, smart, funny, brilliant, amazing, incredible (I can't stop!!) writer.

Thanks a million!

Sarah Frances

Katie said...

Ooo fun! Why thank you dear Anne! What a tremendous honor!!!

And yes - coming from you - being so hilarious and cool and all, I am DELIGHTED :-)

Anne Spollen said...

Well, thanks everyone. I think I'll just stay here on the computer since my middle guy just walked up the stairs behind me and said, "Jeez, Mom, your butt is taking up all the light." Gotta love that Philip...He did say he was kidding, but you know what they say about humor.
So yeah, I think I'll just read this stuff.

adrienne said...

Ooh, my name! I thought about clicking on the link just to make sure you meant me and not some more grateful adrienne with a cooler attitude.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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