Friday, March 20, 2009

Fifteenth Birthday: March 19, 2009

Happy Fifteenth Birthday to Philip:

So happy to have his picture taken. It gets difficult to come up with ways to celebrate birthdays when the birthday guest is of a certain reluctant age and way too cool for party hats or games.

But we tried. The current color that is cool in Philip's circle is purple, a hot, neon kind of purple that reminds me of the sixties, and not the good part of the sixties. His little sister and I tried to dye the cupcake icing that color:

Philip's guests pronounced them "Goth Vomit Lilac" but still managed to put them away pretty quickly along with a couple of half gallons of ice cream. Here's Philip's response:

The presents he wanted? A large bucket of fried chicken, a Japanese fighting fish, a new set of drumsticks, band posters, clothes and money. He thinks this is a great age: we think he's right. He took this last picture -


Mary Witzl said...

Aw, I love those photographs! And 'Goth vomit lilac' is such an evocative description. Still, I'd eat those cupcakes, frosted with such a delicate pastel shade. No way I'd touch anything purple unless it was cabbage or beets.

Anne Spollen said...

Heh, well the cupcakes had wheat germ and organic pears hidden in them, so you would be fine. They did warn everyone, "Mom puts vegetables in everything," to which I replied, "There are no vegetables in those cupcakes. I wouldn't put vegetables in birthday cupcakes."

But fruit is different. And wheat germ doesn't count.

Christy Raedeke said...

I really love the list of things he wanted. You guys must be super healthy if a bucket of fried chicken counts as a gift!

Anne Spollen said...

Maybe -- they can't have anything fried unless it's their bd. He measured 6'2" at 14, so yeah, guess he's pretty healthy.

BTW, he managed to eat the entire bucket and then dive into the ice cream.

Nora MacFarlane said...

Goth vomit lilac... paints quite the picture in my head!

He at the whole bucket of chicken - wow! I can remember my mom buying 2 of everything when my brother reached 15. A chicken for him, and another for the rest of the family. I was always amazed at how much he could put away and then be ready for another meal in an hour.

Happy birthday to Philip!

Katie said...

I am in love with Goth Vomit Lilac! And I love that you actually tagged it as such - you know, in case you write some more posts about GVL! LOL

adrienne said...

The quality of purple icing is so disappointing, but that is the perfect name for that shade!
Great pics.

Hardygirl said...

Just the shade I've been looking for for my bedroom! Goth Vomit Lilac--you should get a job on the side naming shades of paint (do you ever wonder who actually DOES have that job????).

Happy Birthday Philip!


Anne Spollen said...

GVL -- I'm not sure I could eat food described as such, but they laughed and shoveled them in. If anyone knows how to make icing that hot shade of purple, please let me know. It's all they want, and no matter how much red and blue we mixed, it just didn't change.

And yes, the food consumption of teen boys is beyond what I thought it would be, and I haved been warned since they were learning to walk what it would be like. It's even more.

Thanks for the bd wishes!