Thursday, July 10, 2008

Say What?

After teaching online classes to homebound teens all winter, I got really good at the lol, omg, brb since we frequently used text chat. But now, I have to TALK to them again since they are home all day. So for those of you who don't have handy access to teens, I offer, in no particular order, part one of words and phrases I am learning:

A bromance = close relationship between two males, especially close if they engage in manscaping, or the shaving of any part of the male skin, and I'll leave it at that

Way = yes or I'll be there in a minute

Biters = people who copy from homework or tests

Flash, as in, "OMG, that was soo flash" = a really dumb or insensitive remark

Flashes are usually said by tools, or idiots. A wingnut would not necessarily say something flash as they are just flighty, sort of not all there. Rents, the quick way to say parents,
are very prone to flash comments.

When food is sick, it's delicious, but this is not usually said by a hater, or a pessimist. An "H" (abbreviation for hardcore)or an intense person (experiences, like watching a movie, can be H as well) is usually adept at asking the rents requestions, which is a new compound word meaning request and question at the same time. "Can you give me five dollars so I can hang out with Mike?" is an example of a requestion.

I still don't have clarity on the essential difference between emos and goths. I did get an email from a 14 year old girl asking if I meant to make my book " know, so emo?" I do know that Goths and Emos require three to five pounds of black eyeliner per day, and that includes the boys.

My fav might be the short form for guilt/apology, "Oh, dude, My B" which means, My Bad or Me Bad, which translates to I blew it -- sorry

I think that's it for today; in the words of the 14 year old who finally just got off my computer, "Got to bounce."


Mary Witzl said...

Wow -- these are great! I've been collecting teen vocabulary and doing my best to decipher it, but what you've got here is far more elaborate.

My kids have gone to some lengths to explain the difference between Emos and Goths. Emos, they claim, are Goth wannabes. They're full of adolescence angst and, according to my wise teens, tend to be spoiled. Goths, on the other hand, are the Real Thing -- genuinely dark and brooding and not posers. My kids have more respect for Goths than Emos.

Have you seen/heard that hilarious U-Tube clip called the Emo Song? My girls claim that it gives a very good idea of the Emo perspective.

Anne Spollen said...

Thanks for visiting, Mary!
Yes, my teens here were very patient with me (which means only moderately exasperated). It seems you can ACT emo or FEEL emo without being a total emo, but true emos are more middle schoolish (grades 6 - 9) while Goths are the real deal and kind of scary. I think the sense is emos WISH they had the courage to be Goths.
Glad we got that straightened out!

Anne Spollen said...

BTW, the emo song was hysterical...

Mary Witzl said...

What really gets me is that my kids respect Goths because (and I quote) "They don't just play around with suicide, they really do it." (Huh? And live to tell the tale?)
Emos, I am told, just muck around with knives and draw a little blood.

Boy, is youth wasted on the young.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the bizarre response my two teens had. I call it the Nirvana syndrome, but that's a whole 'nother blog...Emos might cut themselves, but Goths...go figure.

"And live to tell the tale." - lol

Anne Spollen said...

Wait - I wrote the above and it showed as anonymous. Not sure why, but it's that kind of day...


TerriRainer said...

OMG that was so funny!

""They don't just play around with suicide, they really do it." (Huh? And live to tell the tale?)"

I have often tried to get clarification on the difference between the two groups. My daughter (14) tells me that Emo stands for "emotional", and what teen isn't??? I guess they take it to the ninth degree. I tried to call them "punk" and I received looks like "you are so old, and don't understand anything".

:) Terri